Plantation Shutters

At Orange County Shutters® we custom hand craft our Plantation Shutters to accommodate the needs and desires of the most discriminating customer. Their function and design solve decorating problems and help you achieve an entirely different personality in every room. We are equipped to custom build plantation shutters to fit any type or shape opening. Whether  your décor calls for a fine furniture stain finish or a paint we are as versatile as your flair for design.With an advanced kiln drying technique and stock thickness of nearly an inch and a half, our Northern Basswood will withstand even the harshest environments. “NO MDF JUNK” From a blistering Southern California summer to a frigid Colorado winter our shutters are guaranteed to last a lifetime.Orange County Shutters

The most important value of Orange County Shutters is our extreme durability. The life expectancy of shades, curtains and blinds are cut short when continuously exposed to the sun. Materials like PVC plastic and cellular shade fabrics are damaged by exposure because they lack the ability to channel light. Plantation shutters by their very design diffuse heat by tilting the louvers in an open or closed position. To increase the superior insulating quality of wood we have also  added a specially formulated nitrocellulose finish that not only stands up to UV rays but will not fade or change color.Choosing Plantation shutters means more than dressing your windows. They are an investment in quality of life. We know of no other treatment that offers such a classic appeal. The longevity, durability and ease of use is unmatched, and our after sales service insures a lifetime of trouble-free enjoyment. Most importantly, however, our prices make plantation shutters an affordable addition to your home.

• Plantation shutters are manufactured by utilizing a combination of state of the art manufacturing with hand crafted finishing touches.
• Our sales people are fully trained Interior designers to give you honest, impartial advice and do not employ hard sell tactics. The sales person that visits your home is the same person that will process your order. This leaves no margin for errors. We only have to visit your home once to measure your windows.

• Our installers are qualified carpenters and are employed by Orange County Shutters, not subcontracted.
• Our products are backed by a life time Guarantee and undergo vigorous testing to ensure you are guaranteed durability and longevity.
• Our prices are the lowest as we research the market regularly to ensure we will not be beaten on a like for like basiscosta mesa shutters



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